Macon Municipal Utilities is collecting bids for the removal and acquisition of Worthington Generator engine parts.  All parts will be sold “as is” and are to be removed by bidder by 6/30/2023. Bids are to be delivered to the MMU Business Office at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO 63552 by 1:00 pm on 12/16/2022.

Successful bidder is requested to carry insurance coverage for the duration of the project in the following amounts.

  • $1,000,000 Liability
  • $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • $5,000 Medical
  • Workers’ Compensation

The successful bidder will be required to provide a certificate of insurance listing Macon Municipal Utilities as additional insured, and sign a hold-harmless agreement. Successful bidder shall require same of all subcontractors. No provision of this agreement shall constitute a waiver of the member’s right to assert a defense based on sovereign immunity, official immunity or any other immunity available under law. Each bidder must inform himself fully of the conditions relating to the composition of the project and the employment of labor thereon. Failure to do so will not relieve the successful bidder of his obligation to furnish all material and labor necessary to carry out the provisions of this project.

Submission of bid confirms bidder agrees that they understand, and agree to abide by all terms and conditions, responsibilities and specifications of the project. Bidder will be presumed to have inspected the site and to be thoroughly familiar with the project requirements. The failure or omission to do so, shall in no way relieve any bidder from any obligation in respect to his bid.

All work is to be set up and completed by the successful bidder.  Successful bidder must provide payment in full before any equipment can be readied for removal. Once work has commenced, the work shall be continuous and the contractor shall not remove their personnel and/or equipment from the City until the work has been completed and approved by MMU personnel. All work must be completed by 6/30/2023.

  Macon Municipal Utilities reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids.