Macon Municipal Utilities Adopts Slight Decrease to Electric Residential Rates and Increases Water Rates

At the November 19, 2018 Board of Public Works meeting utility rate structures were revised for electric and water services provided by Macon Municipal Utilities. Winter and summer rates were adopted for residential electricity customers resulting in an overall expected 1% decrease for the rate class. Winter rates will be effective with November through May utility statements while summer rates will be effective June through October. No changes were made to commercial or industrial rate classes. Water rates were increased by 4% for residential, commercial, industrial, and outside the city limit customers. For a residential customer who uses 3,500 gallons of water per month their bill will increase by $0.70 per month while commercial and industrial customers vary by usage.

The changes will be effective with December 1, 2018 customer billing statements. The most recent adjustment to electric
rates was in January 2014 and water rates were adjusted in February 2016. MMU retained the services of Toth & Associates, Inc. from Springfield, Missouri to perform electric and water cost of service studies in 2018.

A rate sheet can be obtained at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO 63552 or found on our Utility Rates webpage.