The City of Macon, Missouri – Macon Municipal Utilities is requesting qualifications for engineering services to capture surface stormwater in three areas of town by installing stormwater piping and constructing retention basins in order to remove it from the Combined Sewer System.  The City of Macon, Missouri was selected to receive $3.4 million in grant funding through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 for these projects. Funding for the project is through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Financial Assistance Center.  Engineering services will include design and construction oversight of the projects plus potentially an update to the planning of the projects from a previous engineering report. 

Qualification information provided to the City of Macon, Missouri – Macon Municipal Utilities shall include:

  1. The specialized experience and technical competence of the firm with respect to the type of services required (15 points);
  2. The capacity and capability of the firm to perform the work in question, including specialized services, within the time limitations fixed for the completion of the project. Tentatively construction plans and specifications are requested to be complete by December 31, 2024. The projects are to be complete, including inspection and final payment, by December 31, 2026. (25 points);
  3. The past record of performance of the firm with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules (15 points);
  4. The firm’s proximity to and familiarity with the area in which the project is located (25 points); and
  5. The firm’s professional experience in designing stormwater systems (20 points).

The above information should be submitted no later than 1:00 pm on Monday, January 30, 2023 to the attention of General Manager Stephanie Wilson at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO 63552.

Selection Process: The City of Macon, Missouri – Macon Municipal Utilities will conduct interviews as part of the selection process either virtually or in-person between January 31, 2023 and February 10, 2023.

Once the City of Macon, Missouri – Macon Municipal Utilities selects the most qualified firm based on the above qualification evaluation, an engineering agreement will be negotiated. The engineering agreement may include services other than planning, design, and/or construction management including, but not limited to, assistance with securing project financing, assistance with attaining easements or real property, user rate analysis, geotechnical analysis, surveying, or other services as needed. 

 The City of Macon, Missouri – Macon Municipal Utilities is an Equal Opportunity Employer.