Macon Municipal Utilities is requesting bids to retrofit a lift station located at 1402 S. Missouri Street, Macon, Missouri.  Bids are to be delivered to the MMU Business Office at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO 63552 by 1:00 pm on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Successful bidder must purchase a City Business License. This License may be obtained from the office of the City Collector located at 106 W. Bourke Street, Macon, MO. 63552. The fee is $50.00.

Successful bidder is requested to carry insurance coverage for the duration of the project in the following amounts. Lower coverages may be accepted.

  • $1,000,000 Liability
  • $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • $5,000 Medical
  • Workers’ Compensation

The successful bidder will be required to provide a certificate of insurance listing Macon Municipal Utilities and Macon Affordable Housing Corporation as additional insured, and sign a hold-harmless agreement. Successful bidder shall require same of all subcontractors. Each bidder must inform himself fully of the conditions relating to the composition of the project and the employment of labor thereon. Failure to do so will not relieve the successful bidder of his obligation to furnish all material and labor necessary to carry out the provisions of this project.

Submission of bid confirms bidder agrees that they understand, and agree to abide by all terms and conditions, responsibilities and specifications of the project. Bidder will be presumed to have inspected the site and to be thoroughly familiar with the project requirements. The failure or omission to do so, shall in no way relieve any bidder from any obligation in respect to his bid.

Bidders are informed that pursuant to Section 285.530, RSMo, as a condition of the award of any contract in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000), the Bidder shall, by sworn affidavit and provision of documentation, affirm its enrollment and participation in a federal work authorization program with respect to the employees working in connection to the contracted services. Bidder shall also sign an affidavit affirming that it does not knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien in connection to the contracted services.

This project is not expected to be subject to prevailing wage rates for the State of Missouri, Macon County. No work is to commence until the Contractor has completed the required paperwork with Macon Municipal Utilities. All work must be completed by November 30, 2023. The contractor shall pay liquidated damages to Macon Municipal Utilities of $400 per day, or portion of day, for each consecutive calendar day thereafter. 

Once work has commenced, the work shall be continuous and completed within 1 day. The contractor shall not remove their personnel and/or equipment until the work has been completed and approved by MMU personnel.

The bidder’s attention is directed to the fact that all applicable State Laws, Municipal Ordinances, and the rules and regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over composition of the project shall apply to the contract throughout, and they will be deemed to be included in the contract the same as though herein written out in full.

Macon Municipal Utilities shall be the final judge of the quality and suitability of the work, materials, and methods of construction for the purposes for which they are used. Should they fail to meet approval they shall be forthwith reconstructed, made good, replaced, and or corrected by the contractor at his own expense. Rejected materials shall be removed immediately from the site.

Macon Municipal Utilities reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


The retrofit of a lift station located at 1402 S. Missouri Street, Macon, Missouri.  The purpose of this project is to upgrade lift station to meet reliability, maintenance, and safety standards.  Installation must be according to Missouri Department of Natural Resources Minimum Design Standard 10 CSR 20-8.130. The existing wet well is a concrete cylindrical structure approximately 18 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter. The wet well is covered by a concrete top with a manhole lid that is offset from center.  The 3-inch force main exits the wet well approximately 11 feet from the finished floor of the wet well. The two (2) existing pumps are older 1 horsepower Liberty grinder pumps. These pumps utilize an older retrieval method that requires the service technician to enter the wet well and pull the entire pump and piping assembly above ground.  The control panel is mounted above ground on a wood rack next to the meter and the service entry disconnect. The primary service is 240v/ 1 phase. The control panel enclosure is made of FRP and due to the UV has deteriorated.  This station utilizes floats to control the lift station on and off sequence.

The scope of this project consists of removing the existing wet well cover, pumps, internal piping and control system.  Installation of new pumps with base elbows, guide rail system with stainless steel lift chains, internal piping complete with check valves and bypass connection, new junction box and FRP control panel, complete with controls, light/audible alarm, 5 float system with high/low level alarms and new wet well cover with an aluminum/stainless steel access hatch to allow for adequate accessibility.  New pumps should be capable of handling 30 gallons per minute at the calculated head conditions and grinder style pump due to the 3-inch force main.

The contractor hired is responsible for ordering and purchasing all materials. Questions can be directed to Mike Llewellyn at (660) 651-4784 or [email protected].

  Macon Municipal Utilities reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids.