August 20, 2018

The regular meeting of the Board of Public Works was held on Monday, August 20, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Those in attendance were President Tim Watts, Vice President John Neer, Board Member Jerry Chezum, Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas, General Manager Stephanie Wilson and Mayor Talt Holman. David Ausmus with McClure Engineering and Adam Dorrell with Benton & Associates was also in attendance. Board Member J.D. King was absent.

President Tim Watts called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Tim Watts made a motion, seconded by John Neer, to approve the minutes from the July 16, 2018 meeting. The motion carried with three votes for and none against.

First item on the agenda presented to the Board for approval was how to proceed with the West Water Tower Maintenance. Adam Dorrell with Benton & Associates was present for our discussion as to whether we support the outside maintenance work to occur on the tower in 2019 to be spot painted or a complete sandblast/repaint of the exterior. After pictures were presented to the Board of the current condition and discussion with Mr. Dorrell, Vice President John Neer made a motion, seconded by Board Member Jerry Chezum, to bid that the project be a full sandblast and repaint of the outside of the tank and legs. The motion carried with three votes for and none against.

Next on the agenda was discussion of Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) Small Community Engineering Assistance Program Grant. At the August 14, 2018 City Council meeting McClure Engineering was selected for the stormwater/sewer grant for engineering work to address the Combined Sewer System. Upon contacting MDNR, there are potentially more tasks eligible for
reimbursement than originally identified. Grant/match eligibility for a project is $50,000. MDNR advised that if additional tasks are identified, MMU/City of Macon will need to resubmit the application with a new description of tasks and increase project request from $23,500 to $50,000. Vice President John Neer made the motion, seconded by Board Member Jerry Chezum, to resubmit the application with the additional features. The motion carried with three votes for and none against.

Next item on the agenda was discussion of the Wastewater Pretreatment Program. MMU consulted with HDR Engineering to assist with evaluating MMU’s program. The consensus of the Board was to deactivate the program as there is not a qualifying categorical industry in Macon, but to increase sampling activities to ensure compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

The next item on the agenda was to review financials for July 2018. Summer usage patterns continued with the electric, water and wastewater. However, revenues were slightly less due to a shorter billing cycle compared to the prior month. As part of the fleet/equipment replacement plan, Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas recommended to the Board to replace a 2012 John Deere backhoe with a Case 590SN for $56,916, 6 months delivery. President Tim Watts made the motion, seconded by Vice President John Neer, to proceed with the recommended backhoe. The motion carried with three votes for and none against. Budgeted spare part replacements for the Macon Energy Center was also discussed and there was agreement to proceed.

Under manager reports, Ms. Wilson revisited the logo and website project. The Board agreed to proceed with a digital re-design of MMU’s logo to be similar to the current logo. A digital design is needed for the new website, software, and other uses. Ms. Wilson also shared that MMU’s first customer statement printing using the new company, Infosend, will occur with the September 1st statements. General Manager Stephanie Wilson and Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas also continued conversations with Macon Electric Cooperative (MEC) about an electric vehicle charging station as a joint-venture. Vice President John Neer made a motion, seconded by Board Member Jerry Chezum, to participate in the electric vehicle charging station up to $20,000. Lastly, as approved by the City Council at their August 14, 2018 meeting, Ms. Wilson notified the Board that trash removal fees will appear on November 2018 customer statements and passed along to the City of Macon, Missouri in the same manner as the Franchise Fee. The remainder of 2018 the trash removal charge will be $7.97 per month and go to $8.17 per month for 2019.

Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas’s reported both the Macon and Laddonia Energy Centers are running well. At the Macon Energy Center on August 10th the unit ran in simple cycle for 12 hours to facilitate POET stripper cleaning and installation of new HV junction box on the generator end of the turbine skid. For the Laddonia Energy Center, a severe storm passed through on August 7th, the turbine went off line requiring a site visit. MMU reset controls in the tie substation, however Ameren had bigger problems and could not allow the unit to be restarted. The unit operated in simple cycle until August 9th.

Special Services Group’s primary project this period focused on the Macon Lake. Mowing, cleaning the shoreline, replacing and repainting picnic benches and table tops. The boat ramp shelter has been completely revamped. Electric Distributions focus has been on the overhead to underground project on Lee and Bennett, boring in electric services, setting transformers and junction boxes.

Regarding underground facilities, the water main replacement project on Union Street is in its last phase. Crews also repaired main leaks due to dry weather. Also, for wastewater collection a rebuilt pump was replaced in the Kendall Road lift station and an infiltration was repaired. Two new gas services were installed on Broadway and two services were replaced on Baird Street.

Under Manager Roger Rector’s updates, he reported that at the water treatment plant that information is being gathered to finish inside work on the new garage/shop. Also, in coordination with Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission, yearly free chlorine burn in the system will begin on September 10th and run thru October 15th. At the wastewater treatment plant, staff continues to plan for the valve replacement work in the basement.

After approval of accounts payable and setting the next regular meeting for Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4:00 p.m., a motion was made by President Tim Watts, seconded by Board Member Jerry Chezum to hold an executive session regarding Personnel (Rs. MO.610.021(3)). The votes were as follows: Tim Watts, yea; John Neer, yea; and Jerry Chezum, yea.

When the meeting reopened at 5:40 pm it was immediately adjourned by President Tim Watts.