June 17, 2019

The regular meeting of the Board of Public Works was held on June 17, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.  Those in attendance were President Tim Watts, Vice President John Neer, Board Member J.D. King, Board Member Kevin Butner, General Manager Stephanie Wilson, Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas, City Administrator Avis Marshall and City Clerk Mary Lou Craigg. 

President Tim Watts called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Vice President John Neer made a motion, seconded by Board Member Kevin Butner, to approve the minutes from the May 20, 2019 meeting.  The motion carried with four votes for and none against.

The item on the agenda was the monthly review of financials for the month of May 2019.  Milder temperatures and more than average rainfall for the year thus far have resulted in a reduction electric and water usage. Fixed expenses at the electric generation sites made the commodity more expensive due to less usage.  Water chemicals expenses increased at the wastewater treatment plant due to treating stirred up from the rain plus hauling fees for mixed chemicals were incurred. 

Under manager reports, General Manager Stephanie Wilson reported that a strip of natural gas was locked in for no more than $2.36 per dekatherm with Kinect Energy for November 2019 to March 2020 for 25% of MMU customer usage over the past three years.  Ms. Wilson also shared that a mid-year inventory count was completed the end of May 2019 with small variance noted.   

Under Assistant General Manager Scott Lucas updates he noted operations for the Macon Energy Center and the Audrain Energy Centers.  Nothing to note on the Macon Energy Center with only a site visit on June 7, 2019 at the Laddonia Energy Center to follow up on a control air alarm.  The unit was placed in simple cycle on June 7, 2019 due to a problem Poet Biorefining had and was back in co-gen the following morning.  The Special Services Group have mowed in-between all the rain showers.  They have also helped install the new wash bay and are in the process of installing new SCADA system for MMU’s electric distribution system.  Hardware is in place and software conversions are being done currently. 

Electric Distribution’s primary focus has been the Bourke-Sierra-Westwood Overhead to Underground Project. As crews bore in primary street side conductor, they are also preparing in installing new services to all homes as the project is relocating primary electric from behind the homes to street side thus requiring new services.  The department have also assisted the Underground Facilities Group on the Lamb Avenue and Bourke Street lift stations.

Underground Facilities crew continue to change out water meter ERTs for the AMI metering project. In addition, the crew has assisted USDI on Compton Street in lowering the high pressure natural gas main due to erosion from the storm water ditch. 

At the water and wastewater plants, Manager Roger Rector’s updates noted sandbags from the flooding that affected the pump house doors at Long Branch Lake have been removed in order to deliver another drum of chemical into the building.  The bags have been stored in case they are needed again.  At the wastewater treatment plant, a loose connection was fixed on the lime slaker.  A new piece of equipment has also been ordered to take care of the starting issues on the ultra-violet disinfection system.

After approval of accounts payable and setting the next regular meeting for Monday, July 15, 2019 at 4:00 p.m., a motion was made by President Tim Watts, seconded Vice President John Neer, to hold an executive session regarding Legal (Rs. MO.610.021(1)) and Personnel (Rs.MO.610.021 (3)).  The votes as follows: Tim Watts; yea, John Neer; yea, J.D. King; yea, and Kevin Butner; yea. 

When the meeting reopened at 5:30 pm it was immediately adjourned by President Tim Watts.